One Day My Friend Told Me …
On 12. April 2021 | 0 Comments | Excerpts |

One day my friend told me
he was going to have to go on a long journey soon.
To the other end of the world.
He wouldn’t be able to take Panja and me with him.
And Xaverl knew that we wouldn’t be able to visit him there.
We were both very sad.

As we didn’t know when he would set out on his journey,
we never talked about it again. We just acted as if nothing had changed.
Sometimes it even seemed
as if Xaverl was looking forward to the journey just a little bit.

on a really beautiful day, my dear friend wasn’t around anymore.
He didn’t have time to say goodbye to me.

He just went away.
He was gone.

And Panja and I were left behind.

My Friend Xaverl and Me

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