Gesichter in Bäumen und ein Engel.

Book announcement:
Trees Are Like People

Humanity is going through a spiritual transformation. The message is getting clearer and more urgent: in many areas of life, we can’t continue to think, speak, and act as we used to. Most of the world’s population has moved to a higher moral and ethical stage of development. Awe and respect for our own lives as well as those of our fellow creatures on Planet Earth is becoming increasingly important to these people, as is communicating vision and demanding that it be realized on all political levels. We need to use our current understanding of the connections between our shared existence and that of the plant and animal worlds, the landscape, and the earth to plan a new, improved world. The insight that we are all connected and interdependent, even if we can’t see it on a physical level, can help us recall the shared roots of our life on this beautiful blue planet and better understand the development of humanity and nature. If a part of the Earth’s ecosystem becomes sick and weak, all creatures suffer, no matter whether they are near or far. Healing can only take place when we recognize the causes of sickness and we humans use our focused free will to enact change—in ourselves, the trees, and the forests. This book may inspire readers to observe the world and developments in nature and us humans with their eyes and hearts wide open.