Book cover “My Friend Xaverl and Me”

Dear reader,

Sooner or later, we all have to deal with loss and grief. If we haven’t prepared ourselves, we are likely to experience inner turmoil and panic. We may suffer a psychological crisis that we don’t quite understand. My book explores the various phases of grief we can expect to experience when a loved one passes away. This knowledge can help us better understand and accept our own feelings.

“Then, on a really beautiful day, my dear friend wasn’t around anymore. He just went away. He was gone. Forever. And Panja and I were left behind.”

“My Friend Xaverl and Me” is a picture book about the final farewell and the deep despair, sadness, and psychological turmoil experienced by those who are left behind. It’s a heartfelt book offering real, direct help for the bereaved. No matter what their circumstances, readers young and old will identify with the grief and pain explored here.

When we lose a loved one, our world transforms completely from one moment to the next. We can’t eat, we embark on a pointless search, and we are unable and unwilling to accept the loss. At some point, we will feel angry about being abandoned in this way. Life goes on around us as usual, yet to us, the world looks completely different. Eventually we begin to realize that other people have had similar experiences. This realization can bring us closer together.

“My Friend Xaverl and Me” is a first-hand account of these profound psychological processes. Meanwhile, the pictures encourage readers to form their own inner images of what they are going through, or even to paint their own pictures to foster healing. Eventually, we will arrive at inner peace and acceptance, because we know:

“He or she is now somewhere beautiful, and we’ll see each other again. That’s for sure.”

“My Friend Xaverl and Me”
guides readers through the grieving process and affirms the value of this process. The book would make a beautiful and much-appreciated gift for the bereaved and their friends and families. Every kindergarten, school, nursing home, residential home, and library should have a copy.

Betina Knoch

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