My Friend Xaverl and Me

I am looking for

a picture book publisher

that will publish my book

“My Friend Xaverl and Me”

a picture book about grief

in multiple languages.

The Story

I Had a Friend …

I Had a Friend …I had a friend. Actually, he wasn’t just any friend, he was my very best friend. His name was Xaverl. We’d been the best of friends for a very long time. Xaverl had a little dog. A sausage dog called Panja. Panja has thick, wiry hair. Xaverl really loved Panja. My Friend Xaverl and Me


One Day My Friend Told Me …

One Day My Friend Told Me …One day my friend told me he was going to have to go on a long journey soon. To the other end of the world. He wouldn’t be able to take Panja and me with him. And Xaverl knew that we wouldn’t be able to visit him there. We were both very sad. As we [...]

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